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The price of the kitchen glass is calculated by: the type of glass, the length of the unit glass, the size of the rosette and other processing operations.

What is the price of 1 m2(square meter)?

The price of 1 m2 (square meter) depends on the length of the glass, heights, glass processing and type.  So in order  to calculate the price we need preliminary measurements: length, height, number of sockets / switches.


How long does it take while glass are  produced/mounted?

Usually it takes about 3 weeks from the day when our master arrives to your place and precisely measures the area, answers all the questions and makes agreement.


Are you coming to other cities?

Yes, we work all around Lithuania.


Do you come to the house to measure the walls?

Yes. When the glass is ordered immediately after the measurement, measurement and consultation is free. But if the glass is not ordered, arrival costs 50 euros. Preliminary price  can be calculate with our spreadsheet (Price calculator) or  you can send preliminary measurements to


Do we need somehow to prepare a wall before mounting the glass?

Usually the is no necessity to prepare the walls. We can mount the glass on the old tiles, panels, plasterboard etc. While making measurement/consultation our master will explain all the nuances if any.


When the glass should be mounted: before mounting the furniture or when the furniture is mounted?

The glass can be mounted before the furniture is mounted or after, but mounting the glass when the kitchen worktop and all the furniture are in their places is more practical.


What’s the difference between Optifloat glass and  Clear OptiWhite glass?

Optifloat glass  is a normal construction glass, which has a hint of green colour due to iron oxide in the glass. This type of glass isn‘t recommended for white images/views because the  white color becomes more like grey. But it is perfect for other images like trees, nature, night cities and so on. Clear Optiwhite glass has a significantly reduced amount of iron oxides, which optically creates an extremely clear glass. This type of glass makes white color look white.


How much is the mounting?

The price includes all the work, measurements, glass with image /color, mounting. For other details prices are calculated separately.

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